Waakye rice is a well-known West- African dish that is also enjoyed as Caribbean cuisine. Pronounced “waa – che” this is a Ghanaian rice dish that is just as popular for its reddish brown hue. The traditional version of the dish is made with black-eyed peas or cow peas.

Lentil Bobotie is a popular South African dish that has influences from spices of Cape Malay, Dutch settlers and local cooking. There are 6 key elements included in this dish that is normally served with spicy yellow rice. It isn’t complete without curry powder, cinnamon sticks, jam or chutney, raisins, as well as bread soaked in milk and bay leaves.

Learning how to make magwinya is quite simple as the recipe isn’t too complicated.  A term that originated in South African townships, “magwinya” are also known as vetkoek (fat cakes) in this part of the world. This deep-fried doughnut is a type of fried bread that is said to have Dutch origins.

This easy African piri piri sauce has its origins in Angola and Mozambique. A hot, spicy sauce, its name is derived from the Swahili word for pepper, “pili pili”. Popular in countries such as Portugal, Angola, Namibia and Mozambique, South Africa and the United States of America, piri piri sauce has been known to be used with chicken, grilled fish or shrimp.

This Durban Chicken Curry Recipe is one of the most well-known of South African Indian cuisine. Durban, a city located on the east coast of South Africa is the only city in the world with the highest concentration of Indians outside of India. This dish has influences of the cooking styles of many indentured servants who immigrated into South Africa.

Peanut Butter Porridge – Bota une dovi is one of Zimbabwe’s most well-known breakfast dishes. With a preparation time of 20 minutes, for 3 to 4 servings, this cornmeal dish is a delicious and filling one. In the Shona language, one of the official Zimbabwean languages, cornmeal is known as “upfu” and is an essential ingredient in the preparation of porridge, known as “bota”. The thicker version of this porridge is known as “sadza”.

This South African fruit chutney recipe is a national favourite and is one of the most popular in the country. Becoming popular in the 20th century food bottling industries, the relish has gone on to be quite popular as a result of the growth of the Mrs Balls Chutney brand.