How to make a perfect braai fire with wood

Braai workshop – lighting the perfect braai fire and What you need to know.

Possibly one of the most debated topics at any braai is how to start the fire. In every family, there is always the uncle with braaing accolades, but never seems to be able to get the fire going without assistance, and yet is always eager to start the braai. Obviously, every braai-master has different ways of lighting the fire (be it with charcoal or wood) but this quick braai workshop is going to help you light the braai fire with ease, before uncle arrives.

First, select the wood
It is important that you use or by dry wood when starting a fire. Wet wood will take longer to burn,or in some cases not burn at all, and you do not want to deal with a hungry mob

wood braaiLego stack it – building the fire
This part is almost as methodical as lego building, but is not as intricate.
Start by packing 2 pieces of wood next to each other (the length of the wood pieces does not have to be exact)
Then place fire lighters between the 2 pieces of wood (the more, the merrier).
Next pack another 2 pieces of wood on top of the bottom 2, this time crossing over the first 2 wood pieces .
Continue with this crossing packing pattern until you have used at least 12 pieces of wood.

Let it burn
Light the fire lighters. The fire lighters should burn and at the same time burn the wood. If the wood does not start to burn, simply add fire lighters in the gaps.

How the mighty will fall
Usually, the fall of the mighty is not celebrated but the collapsing of the wood tower is a good thing, this means it is almost time to braai. When the tower collapses, simply move back the wood pieces onto the fire to turn to coal, which should take close to 40 minutes.

Time to braai
braaiWith the wood now turn to coal, even it out and place the braai rack over the coal. (Remember to use your braai tongs when evening out the coals, not your hands)

Congratulations braai graduate, you have now successfully completed the braai workshop, and are ready to be a part of the very competitive and skillful braai industry.

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